Company Profile

The Bermuda Land Development Company Limited (BLDC) was formed in 1996 to foster the development of roughly 400 acres of land across four sites in Bermuda, i.e. Southside, Daniel’s Head, Tudor Hill, and Morgan’s Point. BLDC was established by the Bermuda Government to oversee these properties previously occupied by the US and Canadian military. 

BLDC’s mandate is to reintegrate these sites into Bermuda’s social and economic fabric, creating employment and opportunities for the well-being of the present and future generations of Bermudians.

Headed by a Board of Directors, the BLDC is a financially self-sufficient, private company.

Its overall responsibility is to manage, finance, promote and transform the former military base lands into sustainable, long-term environments for the communities in which they are located. BLDC’s mantra is to create communities where individuals can LIVE, WORK, and PLAY.

The largest parcel of land is at Southside in St. George’s Parish – a growing, self-sustained community where housing, commercial and leisure opportunities abound. The BLDC’s portfolio at Southside encompasses pristine beaches, private residences, affordable housing, commercial properties, warehouses, a bowling alley, a former cinema, restaurants, retail, berths, vacant development lots, walking trails and other sporting venues.  Its maintenance responsibilities include road infrastructure, landscaping, street lighting, sewage, water supply and telecommunications.

At Daniel’s Head in Sandys, the 17-acre BLDC property is surrounded by water on three sides and boasts eight, small beaches. At Tudor Hill and Morgan’s Point in Southampton, BLDC’s retains beautiful waterfront parcels with sweeping views of the South Shore and Great Sound, respectively.

In the future, BLDC will continue to seek new development opportunities that will yield significant benefits for Bermuda and its residents.

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