At 309 acres, Southside is BLDC’s largest property. Located just 25 minutes from Hamilton, Bermuda’s capital, and only minutes from the international airport, Southside offers many significant advantages. These include: exquisite beaches, commercial, industrial, and residential facilities, and much more. Development has already commenced at several locations in Southside with many more still available. Among Southside’s additions: new and renovated housing units, churches, a museum and retail outlets that are already largely leased and occupied.

Commercial Development Opportunities

For decades, Bermuda has been the preferred offshore location of the world’s leading companies. To assure that Bermuda continues to occupy this enviable position, BLDC facilitates the creation of commercial and warehouse spaces designed to fulfill the needs of today’s enterprises as well as to provide for those in the years ahead.

Residential Development Opportunities

BLDC is committed to providing for the full spectrum of Bermuda’s housing needs. We facilitate the development of many different types of dwellings including; single family cottages, townhomes and apartments. Yet BLDC strives to do far more than simply advance construction projects. Our greater goal is to build thriving communities that future generations of Bermudians will proudly call home.

Business Development

Commercial Space

To fulfill the needs of local and international businesses, BLDC has developed and will continue to create superior standard office space. Distinguished by quality construction, technologically advanced infrastructure and energy efficient design, these spaces provide enterprises with the facilities they need to achieve their full potential. BLDC is also prepared to work with businesses to address their particular requirements. So in addition to renovating existing structures like Channel House and Triton House, BLDC will lease land to enable businesses to build on their own.

Infrastructure at Southside – Roads

Phase I improvements saw the realignment of the road network and the opening of Southside Road as the main thoroughfare.
Phase II road lighting continued along Tommy Fox Road to the Orange Hole housing development. Carriageways were narrowed and sidewalks and bus lay-bys put in place.
Phase III, completed in April, 2014, opened Southside Road through Clearwater Middle School and Texas Road, providing a safer, more direct route into eastern St. David’s

The Southside Community

The natural environment of Bermuda is unlike any other in the world. In order to preserve and enhance it for future generations of residents and visitors alike, the goal is to create a Nature Reserve that allows indigenous plant and animal life to flourish while creating a place people will want to visit again and again.

To meet Bermuda’s growing demand for a diverse range of recreational areas, Turtle Beach was established.

Clearwater Beach was created to serve the needs of children and families. It offers a lifeguard station, childrens’ playground, concessions, restaurant and car park.

Businesses At Southside

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