Development Opportunities

Southside Properties

Ships Wharf

16 acres
Development Site 1

Business & Technology Park

Annie's Bay

7 acres
Location: East of Clearwater Beach roundabout

Area North of Cottage 513

3 acres
Zone: Residential 1

Orange Hole Road Area (Lot 100)

1.02 acres
Zone: Residential 1

Westcott Road Area West

2.51 acres
Zone: Residential 1

Westcott Road Area East

2.27 acres
Zone: Residential 1

Old Sewage Plant Area

Field East of Building 633

Former Club Azure

1.6 acres               (Building demolished August 2017)

Area East of Pepper Hall Road

Lot Opposite the Former St. David's Post Office

Other Properties

Daniel’s Head

17 acres
Zone: Tourism Hospitality

Morgan’s Point

2.6 acres
Zone: Institutional

Tudor Hill

25 acres
Zone: Special Study Area

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