Former Base Lands, Unprecedented Opportunities

During the Cold War, the United States Military and the Canadian Armed Forces maintained a presence on the Island of Bermuda. Theses sites were the US Naval Air Station in St. David’s and Tudor Hill in Southampton, the US Naval Annex also in Southampton, and the Canadian Forces base at Daniel’s Head in Sandys.

By the mid-1990’s, these military bases were no longer deemed necessary. As a result, the formerly leased base lands were handed back to the Bermuda Government. Totaling over 722 acres, these areas comprise 5% of Bermuda’s total land mass. Yet size is only one of the things that make these properties noteworthy. Their natural features and strategic locations — including spectacular waterside settings, sheltered harbours, expansive views, varied terrain and transportation access — make these lands truly distinctive and well suited for development as tourist, residential, business and community recreation sites.

The four former base lands are known today as: Southside, Tudor Hill, Morgan’s Point and Daniel’s Head.

An air-to-air right side view of a P-3 Orion aircraft from Patrol Squadron 16 (VP-16) returning from an anti-submarine tracking mission. The squadron, based in Jacksonville, Florida, is deployed to Naval Air Station, Bermuda. PHOTO SOURCE: PH3 W.S. Lindsey, USNU.S. DefenseImagery Photo VIRIN: DN-SC-88-08330

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