Rental Process

Leasing at BLDC is a basic real estate transaction.  Generally, a prospective tenant will contact the BLDC and request to see a specific property.  If the property seen is acceptable to the prospective tenant, the BLDC must determine whether the proposed business – and in some instances, the tenant – is a good fit for BLDC.  Factors considered include, but are not limited to, the financial standing of the person or company, the suitability of the business for the area of interest, aesthetics, as well as any potential impact on neighboring businesses and residents.

If all is acceptable, including agreed rental terms, a credit check process ensues.  It is possible that a prospective tenant may be refused due to poor results.  Successful applicants progress to a formal lease.

Commercial Application Form

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Permit Application – Clearwater Beach

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Permit Application – Daniel’s Head Beach

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