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Big Savings Zone

Big Savings Zone has merged virtual and physical shopping. We have integrated Internet access into our physical stores (in the form of an Internet Cafe, Home Access and a Physical Address Showroom) to guarantee that all product offering is available to customers all of the time.

Shoppers may use the physical store as a showroom to touch study and try out products. They can then assemble “customized” goods and services using in-store Internet Cafe or the Internet at home or at work. These products will then be available for pick-up within the physical shopping environment. Customers can even track the progress of their order (following it from the initial order right through to delivery) using the Internet. Although Big Savings Zone offers this unique experience in shopping it also encourages potential customers to shop in the traditional way that they have grown accustom to offering in-stock and ready to deliver inventory.

T: (441) 297-4440

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