Month: September 2016

VIP Auto Service

VIP Auto Service is a full service auto garage and towing company in Bermuda providing comprehensive auto care and repair, 24-hour emergency callout service, trailering, high quality used car parts and heavy equipment rentals.

For over 15 years we’ve provided our Bermuda customers with engine repair and body work for cars, vans, trucks, bikes, and heavy equipment. We guarantee satisfaction while offering FREE consultations and estimates on most of our services!

T: (441) 293-5997

Strykz Bowling Lounge

Strykz Bowling Lounge is located at 27 Southside, St. Davids.  We are a 10 lane bowling entertainment facility that offers automatic scoring, bumpers for the kids, lane light, glow in the dark bowling balls and shoes, large projector screens for your viewing, video games, live sports, sports bar and a restaurant that serves pizza, homemade hamburgers, fries, and chicken wings and more.

T: (441) 297-2727

Bermuda Gymnastics Association

The Bermuda Gymnastics Association is a registered Bermuda charity dedicated to the promotion and encouragement of interest in gymnastics activities in Bermuda and the promotion of the belief that all athletes, regardless of their potential, must have a good solid foundation of basic skills in order to advance safely. We will encourage fitness through sport to develop the skills of discipline and goal setting that add to the self-esteem and healthy self-image of our athletes.

Bermuda Gymnastics aims to teach gymnastics in a safe and fun environment, as well as develop self-esteem in the athlete. Gymnastics enhances the child’s physical ability and increases physical fitness through, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. At a higher level, it offers mental attributes such as positive self body image, self confidence, motivation, courage, patience, and goal setting.

T: (441) 295-0589

Evolutions Health & Fitness Centre

About Evolutions

It is our goal to provide our clients with the resources and environment that will contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Evolutions Health & Fitness Centre will bring to the residents and employees in the eastern end of the island the opportunity of working out in a first class facility with the option of obtaining resources that will assist them in establishing good eating habits. Including a work out in one’s routine brings many enhancements to one’s lifestyle, and one of the Health & Fitness Centre’s main goals is to offer a workout at an affordable price.

The Principals of Evolutions Health & Fitness Centre are very enthusiastic about this business venture as it is one that will benefit many people in their community. Evolutions Health & Fitness Centre plans to bring to the St. George’s residents and employees a fitness facility that is long overdue.

T: (441) 297-0438

Technics Auto Centre Ltd.

About Technics

Technics Auto Centre Ltd. (Technics) is now Bermuda’s premier automotive centre. Our mission is to provide customers with quality automotive products and services, at competitive prices.

In 2000, Technics operated as an auto garage which offered towing services, mechanical repairs, auto body work, auto spray painting, and automotive computer diagnostics for European, Asian, and American model cars, trucks, buses, and aircraft ground equipment.

In 2007, Technics became a proud automotive car dealership in Bermuda, representing quality Chinese and Japanese automobiles. Also, in 2010, Technics added electric automobiles to the existing vehicles we sell in Bermuda.

T: (441) 297-5006

Big Savings Zone

Big Savings Zone has merged virtual and physical shopping. We have integrated Internet access into our physical stores (in the form of an Internet Cafe, Home Access and a Physical Address Showroom) to guarantee that all product offering is available to customers all of the time.

Shoppers may use the physical store as a showroom to touch study and try out products. They can then assemble “customized” goods and services using in-store Internet Cafe or the Internet at home or at work. These products will then be available for pick-up within the physical shopping environment. Customers can even track the progress of their order (following it from the initial order right through to delivery) using the Internet. Although Big Savings Zone offers this unique experience in shopping it also encourages potential customers to shop in the traditional way that they have grown accustom to offering in-stock and ready to deliver inventory.

T: (441) 297-4440

Double Dip Express

Services offered

We offer homemade ice cream with our special non-dariy yogurt and diabetic selection. You are about to refresh yourself with our top ground grease-less burgess, jumbo hot dogs, french fries and vegetarian grillers.

Convenient operating hours

7 days a week and most holidays.

  • Summers hours: 10 AM to 11 PM; weekends until midnight
  • Winter hours: 11:30 AM to 9 PM; weekends until 10 PM


T: (441) 293-5959

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