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BLDC releases initial response to Southside St. David’s community development survey

The Bermuda Land Development Company Limited (BLDC) has provided its initial feedback on the results of a public consultation and community survey conducted on the development of Southside, St. David’s properties under BLDC’s mandate.

“We would like to thank everyone who participated in the consultation meeting held on April 27th, and those who were able to complete the survey form,” said Francis Mussenden, BLDC’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are pleased to have been able to engage with the community and gather their insights on how they would like to see Southside developed and in particular, their input on the different concepts presented for the vacant lot of land opposite the former St. David’s Post Office building.”

The concepts presented included creating a park area, a small commercial development, or leaving the site undeveloped.

A survey form was distributed at the April consultation meeting and posted online. Responses were accepted until May 12 and then compiled.

“We understand that the community would like to see tourism, transportation, and retail facilities expanded within St. David’s,” said Mr. Mussenden. He indicated that the building concepts presented for the vacant lot of land were intended to complement the adjacent restaurant building and dock.

The survey resulted in various opinions, with many respondents wishing to see some type of commercial or recreational development and others preferring the land to remain in its current state. Based on the April consultation and the survey feedback, BLDC acknowledges the importance of green space and is opting to leave the vacant lot undeveloped. BLDC will continue to explore the possibilities of creating a city centre in the Southside Road area of Strykz Bowling Lounge and the former White’s Supermarket building. Mr. Mussenden also pointed out that “although a lot of opinions were expressed to use the former White’s Supermarket building, it is currently rented and is no longer vacant.”

For those who were unable to attend the April consultation, the presentation is still available on the BLDC website at The company intends to host another public meeting later in 2017. In the meantime, BLDC will continue to gather ideas and share them with the community.

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