Ships Wharf Energy Plant RFQ Registration Fee

Payment Instructions

The Technical Information Booklet for the Energy Plant is available for download from our Data Room once the Registration Fee has been received by BLDC.

1. The Registration Fee of USD $5,000.00 for theEnergy Plant Technical Information Booklet can be paid via bank deposit or wire transfer to BLDC:

    • HSBC Bank USA, N.A.
      452 Fifth Avenue
      New York, New York 10018
    • SWIFT Code: MRMD US33
      Fedwire: 021 001 088
    • Beneficiary Bank: HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited
      Beneficiary Account (US Dollars): 006-046452-511
      Beneficiary Account (Bermuda Dollars): 006-046452-001
      Beneficiary Name: Bermuda Land Development Company Limited REF: ENERGY – [insert Company Name]

2. Please email Proof of Payment (e.g. deposit slip, transaction receipt) to BLDC at

3. Once Proof of Payment has been received by BLDC, an email will be sent to you from confirming payment and providing you with login credentials to the Energy Plant RFQ Data Room.

4. All future documentation uploads will be posted in the Data Room. It is the Registrant’s responsibility to periodically check for updates in the Data Room.

5. All future communications with BLDC should be directed to

6. Please thoroughly read through the RFQ document and the Technical Information Booklet prior to initiating the Question & Answer process.

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