Ships Wharf Energy Plant RFQ Information


BLDC is seeking to enter into a Project Agreement with one or more Prequalified Parties to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the Project.

The requirement is to build a power plant capable of delivering at least 20 MW of capacity to the Island’s electrical network. The infrastructure may be scaled to deliver higher capacity.

The power plant is envisaged to use low cost, low emission energy technologies. Bulk fuel and energy storage options will be considered.

This project parallels a proposed cargo port development project, which may provide a transport mechanism for fuel, if necessary.

The Project has been scaled to deliver power into the existing power grid. The site is of sufficient size to deliver a larger capacity, which may yield economies of scale. The Project shall deliver a turnkey solution.

Additional technical details and background information are contained in the Technical Information Booklet made available to Proponents after payment of a Registration Fee. See payment instructions here.

The successful Proponent of the RFP will be required to meet local regulatory and licensing requirements and to enter into power purchase/offtake and grid interconnection arrangements.

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